Sunday, October 28, 2012

Awaiting Sandy

Milk - check
Toilet paper - check
Bread - check
Car filled with gas - check
Hanging plants down - check
trash cans, chairs and grill in garage - check
snack food (and real food) - check
laundry done - check
water, etc to drink - check
bathtub filled with water - check
candles, flashlights, batteries - check
books to read - check

Cell phone staying plugged in all day today to be 100% charged if/when lose power.
Gas stove in the house, BBQ grill stored inside the garage.
Barely drizzling right now.  As ready as I'm going to be.....


  1. Hang in there Joey, and just wait it out... If it truly gets bad, just go to work. Just sayin...

    1. Went in to work this morning as "essential", then they decided we weren't and sent us home about 9:30(lol).

      Lots of rain (friends backyard gauge has measured 7" so far), decent amount of wind, but overall, so far so good -- although the National weather people did actually acknowledge that Dover, DE exists! Occupying myself with Facebook, daytime TV, checking voicemail at work a few times and reading ....

      So far so good!